Why You Must Teach Your Elderly How to Use Technology


Most of the elderly nowadays are reluctant to learn how to use existing technology. Maybe they find it a chore to learn something that’s totally new, given their age and energy levels. Sadly, this has resulted in a few unruly members of the new generation giving these technologically illiterate seniors a moniker: “boomer.”

It’s your job as a private duty caregiver, however, to shed light on technology for your elderly patients. Question is – why should they invest time and effort in learning something that they consider to be totally alien to them?

  • First, learning how to use technology like the Internet and the personal computer makes life a little easier for seniors. They could, for example, easily communicate with long-lost friends through email or social media websites like Facebook. As a home health aide in Texas, we believe that you’re making communications more meaningful and convenient for your elderly client when you teach them technology.
  • Second, learning how to use the Internet, for example, helps the elderly maintain their independence. When they know how to order their own medicines or schedule automatic refills with their pharmacy, they can adhere to their medications.

You and the members of their family just need to watch out that they’re not buying into scams or are being baited by identity thieves. That’s part of your responsibilities in providing home care assistance for them.

Technology is wonderful. Everyone should learn how to take advantage of the tools that we have on hand, including the elderly.

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