How Caregivers Help in Senior’s Health and Nutrition


You see your senior loved one eat three times a day, the same type of food on every meal, but you wonder why they’re still sickly and having health issues? It might be because they have poor nutrition. Malnutrition is a serious senior health issue that should be addressed through meal planning and preparation with their elderly helpers.

Good nutrition is critical to one’s overall health and well-being but many senior adults are void of the essential nutritional building blocks. It may cause various health concerns like making the immune system weak, poor wound healing, muscle weakness and decreased bone mass, high risk of hospitalization, and increased risk of infection and death, among others.

Malnutrition may seem a straightforward health issue, but it can actually stem from a combination of different factors such as physical, social, and mental issues. But with home care assistance, older adults’ nutritional health can be monitored and health risks addressed.

Hiring a home health aide in Texas can help seniors in:

  • Monitoring weight to keep track of weight changes or fluctuations
  • Observing senior eating habits and not what types of foods are eaten and how these are eaten
  • Keeping track of medications, dosage, schedule, and noting of possible side effects
  • Meal planning and preparation through homemaker services in Rosenberg, Texas
  • Encourage physical activities to stimulate appetite and strengthen bones

To know more about senior care and nutritional health, contact St. James Home Care and we’d be glad to answer your queries about senior adult nutrition and how we can help you. Call us now!

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