Maintaining Senior Hygiene Practices

maintaining-senior-hygiene-practicesGood personal hygiene habits are essential for all ages, but they are especially important during the first few months of life as well as during the late years of someone’s life. For the reason that the immune systems are not yet fully developed for the prior, whilst the immune system has deteriorated for the latter. For seniors who tend to lose their hygiene routine because of the challenges and difficulties caused by aging, home care assistance helps seniors maintain proper hygiene.

At St. James Home Care, we have highly-skilled and compassionate caregivers that provide seniors with quality care in several hygiene practices including but without limitation to the following:

  • Bathing/Showering
    The fear of falling or slipping often prevents seniors from taking a bath regularly. With a private duty caregiver around, a safe and comfortable bathroom is guaranteed for them.
  • Toileting
    It can be uncomfortable for seniors to ask for assistance concerning incontinence. With our home health aide in Texas, we first establish ease and comfort to avoid anxiousness and embarrassment in senior toileting.
  • Dressing
    Seniors are given the freedom to choose and wear their preferred clothes to promote dignity and independence. However, we still guide and supervise them to wear safe and comfortable clothing.
  • Nail Care
    Fingernails and toenails are often overlooked, but under our care, we guarantee to address this aspect. Our private in-home caregiver ensures to trim the nails as needed to avoid any infections and prevent accidental scratching.
  • Oral Hygiene
    For seniors, we ensure to use a soft-bristled brush when brushing their teeth twice daily. In this way, we help prevent gum diseases and maintain good oral care.

To help seniors with their hygiene routine, contact our homemaker services in Rosenberg, Texas today.

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